Brute Flute - Freebie
Working in close collaboration with virtuoso flutist Gareth Mclearnon, we spent weeks curating a list of rare and experimental Contrabass Flute techniques...
Contemporary Viola: Freebie
Recording the Contemporary Soloists series is something we have had at the back of our minds since starting Sonixinema. We see it...
Contemporary Cello: Freebie
The full instrument captures the rich and delicate tone of Danny's 19th Century Cello, we decided to choose a relatively dry room,...
String Textures
sonixinema · String Textures
Piano Textures
  sonixinema · Piano Textures
Medicine Man
With a tactile feel and deep, lush tone, this instrument is truly one of a kind, and the best part is -...
Svg Vector Icons :
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