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Memory Box

Not Just A Music Box
Introducing Memory Box - a new virtual instrument from Sonixinema which redefines the sound of a classic music box. Featuring unique articulations such as bowing, muted plucks, double stops and a variety of designed instruments, this wonderful library is guaranteed to inspire new and exciting musical ideas. Inspired by a traditional 19th Century Swiss music box, this library contains 10 different instruments which are all housed within a custom, easy to use interface.

This library requires the FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.2 +
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We spent weeks testing out different sizes and styles of music boxes and attaching them to a range of different resonant surfaces such as tables, the back of pianos and other instruments. Once we found the perfect combination, we got to work recording the music boxes down to the finest details using high end Barcus Berry contact microphones. We aimed to explore unique sonic possibilities and capture the intimate, fragile tone but with a modern twist. This resulted in a music box like no other and a highly unique and playable virtual instrument.

We decided that this library would be the perfect addition to our highly popular Mini tools range, which features a collection of boutique virtual instruments designed to inspire and deliver at an affordable price. These libraries are truly the gems in our collection, as they define our mission at Sonixinema – to redefine the expectations of traditional instruments, and inspire new musical possibilities.








For this library we adapted Kontakt engine based on the work of Jeremiah Pena, which features four tabs - the Main engine, Effects engine, Rhythm engine and the Output engine. The main engine features a flexible three layer mixer, which allows you to control the volume, panning and pitch of any given layer. Also on this tab you can access to an amp, pitch and filter envelope. The effects engine provides easy access to all insert and send effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, distortion, reverb and other useful controls perfect for shaping your sound. The rhythm engine allows you to program 16 step rhythmic patterns using the step sequencer, and is incredibly useful for creating instant energy and excitement with static sounds. The output engine features a built in 4 band EQ system, along with a stereo width control and compressor.